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When deciding to buy a new or used home there are many things to consider. When buying a used home the initial excitement can wear of quickly. Once you realize all the things that need to be fixed or updated you can quickly become overwhelmed.

In contrast, when buying a new home these are things that you don’t have to worry about. You don’t have to worry about unexpected surprises and things the inspector missed. The result for new homeowners is one of lasting joy with their New Home purchase.

So the questions is... where do you start to buy your new home, how does the financing work, how do you get viewings for new homes.

There is no question that purchasing a new home is one of the most significant events of a families lifetime, but most know very little about buying a new home. Feeling overwhelmed and intimidated most buyers feel that buying new would be too expensive, but the reality is it may be cheaper than buying used. Once you factor in the higher cost of repairs, remodeling and the reduction of energy cost a new home may actually be less expensive.

Moving into a Newly Built Home just feels better

When you talk with buyers of a newly constructed home, it’s hard to miss their sense of joy, anticipation, and excitement. They resemble the people that breathe in that new car smell after driving their car off the lot. The only difference is the feeling associated with a newly built home is on a much grander scale and lasts longer. 

Many people love owning a home that they helped to design and personalize, knowing that the decisions they made with their builder  resulted in a beautiful home that uniquely reflects their lifestyle and taste.

The process of  designing and building a new home was easier and more rewarding than they had anticipated; and Their new home was much more affordable than they expected, particularly when considering the reduction in energy and  maintenance costs they enjoy after leaving their “used” home.

Top 5 reasons you should consider buying new

1. Anyone who wants a fresh start with a new living space that expresses their unique taste and style

2. Homebuyers who want to enjoy open floor plans, larger kitchens and baths, spacious master closets and more storage space throughout their home;

3. People seeking significant savings in energy use and cost and who want a home that’s draft-free with  superior climate  control  and high indoor air quality;

4. Home shoppers seeking quality construction with the latest materials, components and technology such as insulation,heating  and cooling all engineered to work together;

5. Homebuyers seeking the peace of mind that comes with brand-new products and an all-new home that  offers a  warranty and years of trouble-free service, allowing them to spend their time on their “want-to-do” list, rather than a “must-do”  list of projects to maintain or upgrade an out-of-date home.


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